The Women in AV Group Joins Almo Professional A/V’s E4 AV Tour

Posted by Kelly  |  May 8, 2012, 8:58 pm

AlmoAV Women in AV Partnership

WAVE to Present Mentoring Session at E4 D.C. Event on May 18

Philadelphia, PA — May 8, 2012 — The Women in AV (WAVE) today announced it has joined Almo Professional A/V, the nation’s fastest growing audiovisual distributor, on its E4 AV training and networking tour. WAVE will present a session titled “What Is Mentoring and Why Is It Important to You?” at the next E4 event, which will take place in Washington, D.C., on May 18.

“The Women in AV (WAVE) group is thrilled to join Almo Professional A/V’s E4 Tour to present on mentoring and its critical role in advancing our professional careers and furthering our industry,” said WAVE founder Jennifer Willard. “We all have something unique to offer each other and with four generations currently in the workforce, it’s essential we look at what we can share in terms of experience, expertise and collaboration. WAVE has recently launched a mentoring program to help women advance professionally and personally. And we value the important role men play, not only in being our mentors, but in what they also can gain from this type of experience.”

“In recent years the A/V industry has been increasingly well-represented by both men and women,” explained Melody Craigmyle, vice president of marketing for Almo Professional A/V. “While WAVE is an organization founded by women in this profession, the session being presented at E4 will benefit anyone in this field looking to become involved in mentoring and reverse mentoring. The topic helps round out the E4 training agenda so that attending partners can expect to learn new information that allows them to grow from both a business and a personal perspective. Whether you want to be a mentor or be mentored, are female or male, this course offers new opportunities to become involved in advancing the careers and development of others, which is crucial for the future of our industry.”

The WAVE mentoring course will teach that as important as an individual’s life achievements are, mentoring is the process of guiding, supporting and promoting the training and career development of others. It’s not only for the younger generations in our industry; seasoned professionals now have an opportunity to learn how to implement a social media strategy from those just entering the workforce through reverse mentoring. This course will teach about the different types of mentoring and why implementing a company-based program can help improve morale, provide a sense of camaraderie and increase productivity.

An overview of the Almo Pro A/V E4 tour can be viewed here.

The E4 D.C. event will take place on Friday, May 18, at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is free, including parking, to Almo Pro A/V’s reseller, integrator and consultant partners. To register, go to

The E4 AV program can be accessed on demand during and after each event for instructor videos, copies of the course presentations and live Twitter updates.

About Almo Professional A/V’s E4 AV Tour

Launched in December 2009, The E4 AV tour is a free, full-day program with an intense educational focus that allows partners to earn valuable InfoComm International CTS RUs while networking with the industry’s top manufacturers. Close to 4,300 attendees have experienced the benefits of the E4 events and in the process have earned nearly 3,000 InfoComm CTS RUs. For more information, go to

About Almo Professional A/V
Almo Professional A/V is the nation’s fastest growing distributor serving the needs of professional audiovisual integrators, dealers and consultants. With a highly skilled sales team, reseller education programs, 10 distribution centers across the U.S. and product lines for the Pro A/V channel, Almo Professional A/V provides customers with the full distribution experience on a local and a personal level.

The Almo Professional A/V sales team is InfoComm-trained and the majority is CTS-certified. Almo Professional A/V has aligned with InfoComm International to offer courses worth CTS renewal units that enable partners to stay ahead. At the same time, the division works with industry vendors to bring live and online product training opportunities directly to channel partners.

Almo Professional A/V is a division of Almo Corp., the nation’s leading independent distributor of consumer electronics and major appliances. For more information about Almo Professional A/V, please call 410-560-2890 or go to Almo Professional A/V can also be followed on Twitter at and on Facebook at

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Women in AV

Posted by Kelly  |  April 25, 2012, 1:56 pm

Wednesday, April 25, 1 p.m. (New York)


This webinar will focus on the fundamentals of mentoring as well as different types of mentoring, including personal, professional, business development and reverse mentoring. The panelists will discuss theoretical and real-life examples of productive mentoring techniques. The webinar will include an overview of the Women in AV (WAVE) mentoring program, slated to open to AV industry colleagues in Spring 2012. This webinar is open to all and is a pre-cursor to the WAVE mentoring Luncheon at InfoComm 2012 on Thursday, June 14 from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Panelists: Steve Greenblatt, CTS, President and Owner, Control Concepts
Malissa Dillman, CTS-D, CTS-I, Training and Education Manager, Kramer Electronics
Peggy O’Keefe, Professor, New York University and Baruch College

Sponsors for Mentoring Webinar

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Women in AV (WAVE) Mentoring Awards

Posted by Kelly  |  April 14, 2012, 3:25 am

Deadline:  Friday, May 4 2012 at 5pm (PDT).


The WAVE Mentoring Awards highlight female mentors in the AV industry and the important contributions that these women have made to the mentees they have impacted. The mentoring relationships formed by Women in AV can enhance one’s professional and career development goals.

Mentorship is one of the most important determinants of a successful career, yet it is often a component of career development that, while prized by recipients, is rarely rewarded.  The Women in AV place great value on mentorship, and this award was created to reward those efforts.

Nominate an AV professional who has made significant contributions to your career and life or other women in the AV industry.

Program Summary

Each year, WAVE honors two female AV professionals who have distinguished themselves within the AV industry. These awards are designed to recognize two women who are recognized as mentors to others in the AV industry.

For the purpose of this award, mentoring is defined as the process of guiding, supporting, and promoting the training and career development of others. The key roles of a mentor include, but are not limited to providing:

  1. Advising and guiding
  2. Challenging and inspiring women to become engaged citizens of the world who aspire not only to achieve understanding, but also to advance the cause of social justice.
  3. Advocacy and guidance in personal, organizational, and professional matters.
  4. Serving as a successful role model.
  5. Showing concern for women as individuals and supporting their personal development.


The awards will be  presented at the NSCA Women in AV reception held June 13th, 2012, in Las Vegas. The award winners should plan to attend and be recognized in front of their colleagues at the Reception. Winners will be notified by May 20, 2012. The award includes:

  • Award sponsored by Listen Technologies Corporation
  • Recognition at Women in AV Reception on Wednesday, June 13, 3 to 4 PM held in the NSCA Booth #C11536
  • Recognition on the WAVE website – a feature article

Upon receipt, applications become the property of WAVE. Applications will not be returned to applicants. Late applications will not be accepted.


These awards are open to all women working in the audiovisual industry.

Nominees should have a sustained record of mentoring over time.

Nominators must be a mentee of the nominee, or colleagues who have personal knowledge of the nominee’s mentoring efforts.

Criteria for Judging

Your nomination for an excellence in mentoring award should describe how the person who has mentored you and has been outstanding in supporting and encouraging your growth, confidence, professional, and personal development. Please share specific examples, stories and anecdotes.  A nomination must include at least one reason your nominee deserves the award.

Qualities the selection committee will be looking for in a mentor, are not just what experience do they have but evidence that they are a good listener, a collaborative communicator, have practical experience not just academic experience, are articulate (to the point), honest, skilled at getting their point across i.e. not judgmental but able to suggest a solution.

Nominations are reviewed and scored on the following criteria:

  1. Advising and guiding
  2. Challenging and inspiring
  3. Advocacy and guidance
  4. Serving as a successful role model
  5. Supporting mentee’s personal development
  6. Summary of why the nominee should receive the award (approx 250 words)

Each of these criteria are scored individually, therefore the nomination should provide sufficient detail and/or a specific example that speaks to each of these elements.

Awards Submission Requirements

It is the nominator’s responsibility to complete all sections in the on-line Nomination Form using the guidelines set out above. Nominations that are missing required information in any of these sections will not be considered.

Nominations must be submitted electronically on-line in this format no later than 5:00 p.m. (PDT) on Friday, May 4, 2012. We suggest that you don’t leave it until the last minute to nominate someone in case there are any issues entering your information.

Nominate here: Women in AV Mentor Award

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Women in AV (WAVE) Mentoring Survey

Posted by Women In AV  |  April 4, 2012, 3:39 pm

The Women in AV Mentoring Survey is live and ready for your input. This survey is intended to gather details about everyone who wants to participate, as either a mentor, a mentee, or both!! The survey will be open through Friday, April 13th

The plan is to gather as much information as we can about how everyone wants to be involved and we’ll then be able to match everyone with the best opportunities that work for you!

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Women in AV and AV Gents: Let’s Bake and Tweet Up to Help Those in Need!

Posted by Women In AV  |  March 20, 2012, 5:33 pm

Let’s celebrate our AV community and work together raising much needing funding for a wonderful cause, Choice Humanitarian. Choice Humanitarian is a Utah based non-profit that works to end poverty in third-world countries. Not only do they help with services and funding, they also provide critical resources, including AV equipment!


So, how are we going to do this?! During the 1st week of April, we invite everyone to plan and hold local Bake Sales within your company’s offices throughout the world. Pick a day or multiple days that work best for you! This is about building the strength of community in our industry, and we ask that you participate. AV Gents, you too! If you are not a baker extraordinaire yourself, have your wife, sister, mom, or even your local super market whip something delicious up for your event!! We know that many of you are masters in the kitchen. Here is your chance to show and tell.


On Friday, April 6th, 2012, we’ll have an industry-wide WAVE Tweet Up and gather in cities across the world to meet and share with each other about our Bake Sales and how much each of us and as an industry we’re able to raise in support of Choice Humanitarian’s wonderful cause.

Throughout the week, we want everyone to tweet using the hashtag #WAVE about your Bake Sales and tell us what having a strong sense of community means to your company. Share pictures, send links, tell us stories — let everyone know however and as often as you can!

Check back here soon for an official invite from your WAVE coordinator about where your local Tweet Up will be held!

Alright everyone, we know how seriously our industry loves a challenge. So, who’s in and better yet, who’s going to make the best cupcakes!!

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