WAVE Feature: Marla Suttenberg, A Woman in AV Pioneer

Posted by Kelly  |  March 30, 2013, 5:39 pm

I had the honor of interviewing Marla Suttenberg, 2013 Women in CE Award winner and owner/principal of Sapphire Marketing, a manufacturing representative firm, offering leading-edge AV solutions to both the commercial and residential side of the industry in the Northeast.  She is an inspiration to all of us women who want to one day be a female business-owner, especially in a male-dominated market where few women, or men for that matter, have the insight, wisdom and experience she brings to the table about both Pro and CE sides of our industry. She’s a firecracker and someone who truly makes you question, “What IS it stopping you from living your dreams?!”

To read Marla’s story and be inspired, visit my rAVe [Publications] blog here.

~Jennifer H. Willard, CTS

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WAVE Reports for rAVeRadio from the NSCA’s Business and Leadership Conference

Posted by Kelly  |  March 10, 2013, 1:58 pm

Check out our new rAVeRadio WAVEcast episodes with NSCA Executive Management at 2013 Business and Leadership Conference and the WAVE who attended!

WAVEcast Episode 10: Live from the floor of the BLC

WAVEcast Episode 11: Executive Management Talks NSCA’s 2013 BLC

The WAVEcast and all rAVeRadio podcasts are proudly sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric. For more information, visit www.mitsubishielectric.com

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Kramer Electronics and Women in AV Unite to Launch Monthly Webinars in 2013

Posted by Kelly  |  January 14, 2013, 5:39 pm

Kramer Electronics, Inc. a leading global provider in audio and video signal products is pleased to announce it will sponsor monthly webinars in partnership with the Women in AV (WAVE) organization to educate, support and inspire women in the AV industry. Topics and experts will cover a range of interests for women; including career advancement, mentoring, personal presence, and cutting edge technical topics such as digital to analog conversion and AV/IT convergence.

The webinars will be held the last Friday of every month from 3-4PM EST and each session will be recorded for on-demand playback. The kick-off webinar will be held Friday, January 25, 2013 and will provide an overview of the series and seek input from attendees on the topics and areas women are most interested in receiving expert advice and guidance on in future webinars.

Attendees can register for the event at the following link:

After registering, attendees will receive a confirmation email containing information about attending the training.

“The Women in AV (WAVE) are thrilled and honored to partner with Kramer Electronics in delivering a monthly webinar series for the women in our industry,” says founder Jennifer H. Willard. “As females in a male-dominated industry, we can never have enough opportunities to come together in the spirit of learning and helping each other further our careers. This webinar series directly supports our core mission to promote the growth and performance of women by empowering women to feel recognized, respected, productive, and important to the AV industry. With the breadth of Kramer’s experience and expertise in providing industry leading technical training and education, we look forward to delivering relevant and critical content throughout the year.”

Clint Hoffman, Vice President of Marketing at Kramer Electronics had this to say, “At Kramer Electronics we believe whole-heartedly in education.  We are on a mission to teach to as many people as possible the newest technologies and principles all Pro AV professionals should know in order to best design, sell, and install profitable digital AV systems in today’s market.  Partnering with WAVE to help us accomplish this goal is a tremendous privilege.  WAVE is one of the most active and most important groups in the AV market today.  We are so proud of what they are doing and we also are proud that our Manager of Education and Training, Malissa Dillman is one of InfoComm’s two winners of the 2012 “Women in AV award” and an active member of WAVE.”


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NEW rAVePubs RADIO WAVEcast: Year in Review 2012!

Posted by Kelly  |  December 29, 2012, 2:04 pm

On this episode, we take a look back at our first seven episodes and share with you the highlights, the advice and all the experiences our guests shared with us.  We are so lucky and grateful to have been able to share and learn so much from all of our guests on the WAVEcast! Thank you for your time and listening to the Women in AV, we are excited for all we’ll achieve together in 2013!

To listen to all episodes of the WAVEcast and all the other AV industry’s leading podcasts, visit www.ravepubsradio.com!

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Season’s Greetings from the Women in AV!

Posted by Kelly  |  December 21, 2012, 1:49 am


As 2012 draws to a close and the holiday’s are upon us, we want to thank everyone for another successful year lifting and inspiring women in our industry and wish you all joy and happiness for your holiday season.  The support and encouragement of our colleagues, friends, and organizations changes the course of the future for the women in our industry and those who will join us.  We’re excited to think about what we will accomplish together in the New Year!!

Blessings to all, Your Women in AV Planning Board

And, cheers to you from WAVE members and partners!

“Genders share a variety of common bonds. In this male dominated industry I used to feel like I was the lone girl in an “all boys only” club. WAVE has opened my eyes to see that I’m not alone, and gives us a chance to connect and share those bonds. It is incredible to see how the group has been embraced by everyone, both male and female alike, which ultimately brings us all closer together!” — Victoria Ferrari, North America Sales Manager, Boeckeler Instruments, Inc.

“From mentoring and fostering community to helping women join the industry and gain access to education, Women in AV has done so many important things for women, young people and others within the AV industry. Women in AV is a hugely valuable addition to our community and rAVe is proud to support the organization.”  — Gary Kayye, Founder, rAVe [Publications]

“I am thrilled that a group like Women in AV exists, and to be a part of it. There is a great balance of goodwill, knowledge sharing and encouragement between its members, wonderfully from both women and men. I immediately felt there was a sense of collaboration and a shared vision for what the group wants to accomplish – bringing our entire industry together to encourage and mentor career growth for women. I look forward to more great things from WAVE, and all of us, in 2013. Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays & peace in the New Year. Cheers!”  —  Theresa Hahn, Director, Marketing & Business Development, Verrex Corporation

“NSCA is pleased to support the efforts of women in AV.  Mentoring is such a vital aspect of our future and this organization is showing great leadership with that. Thanks for all you’ve done in building a sense of belonging and community. We look forward to a great 2013 and helping the women in AV demonstrate that there is no longer a position unavailable to qualified and talented women in this industry.”  — Chuck Wilson, Executive Director, NSCA

“Thanks to Women in AV for making the holidays much brighter for so many!  Keep up the great work; we raise our glass for a safe and prosperous New Year!”  —  Joe Hillis, Co-founder and Operations Director, ITDRC

“What I like about both WAVE and AWIT (Advancing Women in IT) is that we are not just saying ‘women can do anything’ we are living it.  Working together — strength in numbers — makes it easy for other women and girls to see role models of women who embrace technology.”  —  Cathy Alper, Director Member Communities, CompTIA

“WAVE is another opportunity for us to make meaningful connections with our industry peers, and an opportunity to find like-minded women who share similar passion and experience in both their lives and profession. I know that if I have to bring my daughter to a WAVE event (as actually happened to a colleague recently!), there will be a thread of understanding and sympathy.”  — Midori Connolly, Chief AVGirl, AVGirl Productions

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