Women in AV Are Making History!

508 fierce females participated in the WAVE + Kari Martinez Women and Girls in AV Study to accurately capture the professional women working in the male-dominated AV Industry! This is the first study conducted on the overall female representation in this global technology industry.

The most empowering part is WE DID IT ourselves Women in AV!!

This history-making research is only possible because WOMEN came together to participate, share, + take our destiny + careers into our own hands to make ourselves BE SEEN, HEARD, + COUNTED!

Survey results + data analysis will be published in late April 2020.

Women in AV + Kari Martinez are incredibly grateful to everyone who joined us, spread the word, + contributed to reaching our most important 1st milestone in this vital research project.

Collaborating with such a talented, sparkling, young live sound engineer as Kari has been one of the most motivating + special experiences in my 23 years of being a woman in the AV Industry.

Her tenacity, creativity, skillfulness, + sweet spirit is exactly the kind of young female professional who will lead + inspire future generations of WAVE to achieve the gender equality we dream of one day reaching!

Learn more about Kari + how to support her at www.thekarimartinez.com

Watch her on AVNation’s WAVEcast ~ Let’s Make History Here

Our special thanks to WAVE UK Leadership Team, AVNation TV, Mara Quinn, Kristy Albrecht, + Nancy Blanchard for their behind-the-scenes efforts reaching 508 women + young girls to participate.

We’re also grateful to our Men in AV Allies + sister organizations, Women in Technology, AVIXA Women’s Council, + Sound Girls Org for sharing our survey with their members to join us in this galvanizing endeavor.

I’m ecstatic for the discussions + insights I know will come once we all see what we’ve uncovered about Who We Are Women in AV!

Stay tuned for Women + Girls in AV Survey Results in April 2020!