Be Like Abi + Strike a Pose for IWD2020!

Sunday, March 8th is International Women’s Day where people across the world come together to support gender equality and take action raising awareness about struggles and barriers women face creating independent, successful, and healthy lives free from oppressing forces of discrimination, pay disparity, sexism, and violence.

Every year, Women in AV and the AV companies they work for celebrate the talented, fearless females blazing trails pursuing careers in male-dominated tech industries. It’s one of the most exciting times of the year seeing the entire industry uplift female role models who work every day inspiring all women they too can achieve their dream careers in technology.

Check out the 2019 WAVE IWD Twitter Moment Here!

For IWD2020, join us WAVE in making a special tribute to honor the memory of AV Industry’s beloved Women in AV UK founder, Abigail Brown, who tragically lost her 4-year battle with bowel cancer last November 2019, at the young age of 43.

There are a million things we can learn reflecting on the incredible woman, female pioneer, professional, and soul sister Abigail was. Her spirit was truly beautiful inside and out in ways every AV professional can admire, respect, and strive to be like to create Abi’s legacy in everything it means to forever be Women in AV.

Look at any photo of Abigail here and you’ll see she’s always the one with a stunning, glam-ready, diva pose you can pick out in every crowd!

So, let’s do our best Be Like Abi pose and show the world what it means to be gutsy, gorgeous, unstoppable Women in AV!!

 During the week starting Sunday, March 8th

  • Snap a pic doing your own Be Like Abi pose,
  • Post to any Social Media platform,
  • Add hashtags #BeLikeAbi #IWD2020 #EachForEqual
  • And, tag Women in AV acct so we can share your photo!

Abigail Brown made everyone feel fabulous simply being in her presence and what’s most special about this IWD2020 campaign is all us women can make ourselves feel fabulous by channeling her in ways that keep her heart and spirit alive in all of ours.

Pat Deeley, AV Jobs EMEA

“Abi was an inspiration to many young women in WAVE. Despite the pain and trauma she was undoubtedly going through she never let that show through on her “public face”. She always wore her positive pants and her determination and resilience will live on.”

Madeleine Vining, 1 Wimpole St

“Abigail was an inspiration to everyone she met. A great mentor and leader to Women in AV, she made everyone feel valued and connected. Her positivity and outgoing personality was contagious, she touched so many lives and has left a huge hole in the AV community.”

Beky Cann, Peerless AV

“Life has it’s constant challenges, highs and lows, but then there are rays of sunshine that guide us through and encourage and inspire us to be better people, to love life and live to the full. The message Be Like Abi is more relevant than ever. Not only on International Women’s Day, but from this day forward, let’s all make a conscious effort to make everyone around us feel valued, included and supported as Abi did.”

Kevin, McLoughlin, AV User Group

“Following Abi taking over the reins of the Women in AV UK South group I was lucky enough to work with her on many events and watched her single-handedly keep the group going and sustain growth in numbers and in the quality of the events the group held and launched a successful AV industry mentoring scheme. Her last public industry appearance was at the AV Awards where she stayed all night, blinged up her walker frame and continued to defy the cruelty of her illness with her wonderful smile.

The Women in AV group Abigail worked so hard to grow will continue with a new management team to carry on her work and promote a forum for women and people from underrepresented and diverse groups within the industry.

Let’s take the baton from Abigail and shine a light of positivity on those around us every day, as she always did for us, that would be a beautiful legacy for a beautiful human being.”


Join us WAVE to Be Like Abi + Strike a Pose

for International Women’s Day 2020!!



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