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We’re seeking 500 professional women + young girls to make history!

 Women in AV (WAVE) are thrilled to partner with Kari Martinez in launching the AV industry’s first demographic research focused, specifically, on gathering data to accurately reflect who are the professional women and young girls working in the industry.

Tell Us Who You Are Women + Girls Working in AV!

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We don’t need statistics to know women are underrepresented across technology fields and our numbers are even smaller for those pursuing technical roles. We also know our industry has long been challenged to create concrete pathways for recruiting the brightest young minds of the future into jobs and careers to keep the AV Industry relevant and thriving.

We do need data to generate a baseline of where we’re even starting from to know the workforce solutions and career development initiatives we create actually fill the right voids to improve women’s odds of having a technology career that’s rewarding and exciting enough to never leave.

During the 2019 holidays, WAVE received a Twitter DM from a super sweet, high-energy audio engineer asking if WAVE would help spread the word on her post-college research project — Lifestyle Choices of Women + Young Girls in Technology here.

It was thrilling seeing a young woman not only care passionately about learning what wellness + work/life balance choices females are making, but, do so with the flair and skills to create a brilliant survey impressive by any professional measure.

Check it out Yourself, Visit The Kari Martinez here!


Kari’s exactly the kind of young, talented, ambitious female our industry wants pursuing a career in AV by the hundreds and through partnerships like Kari Martinez + Women in AV all women can come together for never done before feats to create our very own concrete pathways we need between veteran women and young female professionals defining the future of the AV Industry!

So Let’s Make History, Tell Us Who YOU are Women + Girls in AV!

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Your participation is anonymous and any personal information is kept strictly confidential nor will be sold, reused, rented, loaned or otherwise disclosed.


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