Are the Women in AV Offensive For Existing?


UK WAVE Local Chapter May 2015 Business Events


Happy and safe travels everyone InfoComm15-bound, see you in hot and humid Orlando!! Our very best Women in AV wishes to everyone for a fantastic and successful show. Enjoy the true warmth and communications that is the most welcoming and enjoyable part of our industry!!

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And, of course say HELLO to all your Women in AV and JOIN US and our awesome sponsors for the 4th Annual Women in AV Reception and 3rd Annual AV Nation AVTweetup with WAVE!

We couldn’t be more thrilled and inspired to turn 4 years-old in Orlando, Happy Birthday WAVE for all your achievements, talents, and success we’ve accomplished together, just 9 shy of our 1,000th member. Let’s make it happen at IC5, join our WAVE Group here!!

So far in 2015 alone, our industry has sent 3 WAVE scholarship winners to NSCA’s Business and Leadership Conference, our rocking UK WAVE Chapter has held 5 networking business events, the 4th WAVE Mentor Award winner will be honored at IC15, SF/Bay Area’s WAVE Chapter went live in May, and woman-owned FSR celebrates 35 years in AV.  Way to go WAVE, get involved now!!

2012 NYC WAVE Chapter AV Holiday Social


So, that’s all she wrote, right!?! Onward and saddle up Orlando! Skies are blue and we’re just a happy group of hard-working, down-to-earth, Rock Stars ready to make moments that last a lifetime.

Uhh-huh.. I guess every party has one Debbie Downer and with show doors yet to even open, apparently someone’s idea of #AVLove is throwing cheap shots at Women in AV mission and values and doesn’t think we should exist. Go AVTeam!

Speculating on what purpose it serves is a waste of time. Pretty sad someone sees disparaging women AND men helping other’s fulfill their dreams as either relevant or a cool thing to do…  Maybe they need the website views or being nasty must feel good. Who knows??

Enter left and thank you Mr. David Danto. Like most of us, I’ve been up since Sunday herding the last minute surpises. Raise your hand WAVE if your lists have lists now!! Just before 6:30a PDT, an email came through asking if WAVE had seen Mr. Danto’s opinion on Sexism In the AV Industry.


Here you go:


Sexism Is Offensive – All Sexism. Booth Babes have no place at InfoComm. Bravo to us that we finally have greater awareness of that now. Regrettably, neither does a Women in AV movement. As beneficial as the intent is, it is as offensive to me as a Catholics in AV or Caucasians in AV might be to others. As an industry we should not be celebrating any special group. We should be celebrating the best and brightest contributors regardless of labels. It’s sad that we tryy to compensate for inappropriate past recognition levels of the contributions of one class of industry participants by inappropriately recognizing only one class of industry participants. 

And, please. If you’re looking for a real and honest discussion on this topic, visit our WAVE LinkedIn Group here and be heard.



WAVE Founding Board InfoComm Award Winners
L-R: 201o Young AV Profesional Jennifer H. Willard, 2013 Young AV Professional Gina Sansivero, 2014 Women in AV Cory Schaeffer

Back to the original post, I know I pretty confused myself!!

So, what exactly is it Mr. Danto takes such exception with WAVE’s mere existence that offends his perfect sensibilities? (I still can’t figure this one out??) And, am I the only who sees it talking out both sides of your mouth singing “Bravo’s” for reducing the number of scantily-dressed women trying to sell your products and then try to tell us we have no place being at InfoComm15. Does using the word “Regrettably” make you feel less arrogant than it sounds?


  • For the record, WAVE adores special-interest groups with a clear, stated mission and purpose and would love to support and partner with you. So, if you’re out there Tin Foil Hats in AV, puuhlease get in touch!!!


It appears Mr. Danto’s measuring stick to justify his argument comparing WAVE’s presumption to exist with conceivably the 2 biggest majority classes of all time’s existence. OK.


  • In that line of thinking we should stop all further ttempts to bring starving kids around the world fresh water. Because, who are they to consider themselves anything special since we privileged folks don’t call ourselves special simply having the likes of Perrier, Brita, and any of the fancy filtered refrigerator facet-stuff. Because, if the privileged majority who owns privilege don’t think there’s any value or merit to it, then surely it’s of no good in the world.

Where or how did Mr. Danto come up with the gem inappropriate past recognition…. Is that really a thing??


  • Anyone heard of anything inappropriate with recognizing and celebrating our awesome AVGents, who happen to also be some of WAVE’s biggest supporters? Can anyone show me the recognition that motivated months of planning between NSCA and WAVE, multiple AV industry sponsors, and Drunk Unkles fundraising concerts to provide 3 WAVE scholarships to NSCA’s 2015 BLC Conference, all expenses paid? Someone must be able to name all those who logged 20-100 volunteer hours to send three winners to one of our industry’s premier Business and Leadership Conferences I missed the PR recognition train behind that one somehow…


  • And, what Women in AV baiting and fishing expedition is complete without mentioning our Booth Babes. They are just as hard-working women with families, bills, and a life to support like Mr. Danto himself. If there is any one offense the Women in have with this post is the implied righteousness of “ as long as it’s not in my backyard”… So per Mr. Danto, bravo AV industry becoming the enlightened Buddha’s to have “seen the light” of how objectifying women to sell your product says a lot more about why I shouldn’t buy your product than anything else and there may now be a single 23 year-old mom out of a job. Bravo for being so philanthropic.


  • And, how exactly does Mr. Danto think this big epiphany came about in the AV industry? Perhaps he may be in with the Catholics in AV and it was a case of divine intervention? Surely it couldn’t have been the Women in AV celebrating 4 years hustling day after day to recognize, mentor, inspire, advance, and educate women in the AV industry. Nope, we are just love all the face time and getting recognized.


And, please let me disclose. Women in AV do NOT take this personally or too seriously. We’re only upset for the time lost it took clarifying Mr. Danto’s opinion so when a young woman who’s considering joining AV reads something like that she won’t expect that’s the environment she’s walking into when all she wants is to pursue her career. In fact, there’s a tremendous amount of very kind, generous, and helpful people who would be over the moon happy to show her that her presence is an enormous asset to AV and help her in any way she needs.



2014 WAVE Mentor Award Winner Theresa Hahn

We’re actually really GRATEFUL to get this “happens at least once a year” stuff out of the way early so those of us who have to go to work aren’t dealing with senseless and petty negativity that adds no value, has no benefit, and creates no winners when it comes to uplifting and encouraging to each other.


Mr. Danto saves his best sage advise for his last statement. This one always just really cracks me up though…

Wait for it…. “And finally, one important piece of advice I remind my colleagues of at this conference is to keep an open mind. “


There you have it Women in AV, our fabulous friends, and every one who will get up tomorrow and have a FANTASTIC InfoComm15 week promoting each other, RECOGNIZING the awesome communication technology solutions and services we provide,  and continuing to advance the AV industry and keep us all relevant and employed!

We love any and every reason to celebrate and being special sounds like a fabulous one to us! Every one is always welcome to come hangout at WAVE’s party any time! Except, next time please just leave Debbie at home….


Written by: Jennifer H. Willard, Proud member of the Women in AV


2012 WAVE NSCA/FSR InfoComm 12 Reception