Who are We Women in AV! – Group Demographics 2013 Survey Results


We all know what a difference 2 years can make in the world these days, the AV industry, and especially to organizations like the Women in AV(WAVE).  And, it certainly has been the case for WAVE. Within our 1st hour of launching in 2011, it blew me away WAVE had over 30 members. I thought to myself, WOW. Did we just find ALL 30 of us women in the AV industry!?! Little did I know, it was the 1st of many awe-struck and inspiring moments the last 4 years would see for our organization.

As I stand here in 2015, WAVE is an international women’s advocacy group providing mentoring, education, professional career development, local WAVE chapters, scholarships, and JUST LOADS OF FUN!! to its 980 members and more than 6,000 friends and supporters all working to recognize, value, and advance women in the AV industry.

One of our early initiatives in 2013 was to collect membership demographics on Who We Are WAVE and with InfoComm15 next week, it’s timely to reaffirm our contact information, expand our member database, and gather new ideas for growing our place in the AV industry.

It is noteworthy the Women in AV have a significantly high number of business owners, VP’s, and other senior management positions. Over 50% of WAVE are in top level positions across the total AV and STEM industries.

Key highlights about WAVE are:

– We are 984 members on LinkedIn over 5 continents (Africa and Antarctica we need you!)
– Our friends on social media include 5,868 Twitter, 156 Facebook, and 221 Pinterest who support WAVE
– Our group has never had a negative Week over Week Growth Rate in its 4 years
– Over 50% of WAVE are business owners, VP’s, Directors, and senior and executive management positions
– Sales and Marketing are the two leading functions performed by WAVE at 30%

View all the LinkIn Group Statistic here.

Get involved with all our Social Media Channels and Women in AV Friends!

LinkedIn: Women in AV Group
Twitter: @womeninav
Facebook: Women in AV
Pinterest: Women in AV

Here are some highlights from the 2013 survey. Please check back during InfoComm15 to take our 2015 WAVE Survey- Where are We Now!!

 It continues to thrill me every day to see the diverse, accomplished, and talented women in AV across our global markets and how women are being encouraged to get join us and pursue their goals and dreams. Our deepest Thank You for all of your support and love of the Women in AV. I can’t wait to look back in 2020 and see what we have achieved together by then!!

~Jennifer H. Willard, Founder


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