Women in AV and AV Gents: Let’s Bake and Tweet Up to Help Those in Need!

Let’s celebrate our AV community and work together raising much needing funding for a wonderful cause, Choice Humanitarian. http://choicehumanitarian.org/ Choice Humanitarian is a Utah based non-profit that works to end poverty in third-world countries. Not only do they help with services and funding, they also provide critical resources, including AV equipment! http://choicehumanitarian.org/critical_needs.php


So, how are we going to do this?! During the 1st week of April, we invite everyone to plan and hold local Bake Sales within your company’s offices throughout the world. Pick a day or multiple days that work best for you! This is about building the strength of community in our industry, and we ask that you participate. AV Gents, you too! If you are not a baker extraordinaire yourself, have your wife, sister, mom, or even your local super market whip something delicious up for your event!! We know that many of you are masters in the kitchen. Here is your chance to show and tell.


On Friday, April 6th, 2012, we’ll have an industry-wide WAVE Tweet Up and gather in cities across the world to meet and share with each other about our Bake Sales and how much each of us and as an industry we’re able to raise in support of Choice Humanitarian’s wonderful cause.

Throughout the week, we want everyone to tweet using the hashtag #WAVE about your Bake Sales and tell us what having a strong sense of community means to your company. Share pictures, send links, tell us stories — let everyone know however and as often as you can!

Check back here soon for an official invite from your WAVE coordinator about where your local Tweet Up will be held!

Alright everyone, we know how seriously our industry loves a challenge. So, who’s in and better yet, who’s going to make the best cupcakes!!

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